Hardware Design

Digital—Processors 32/16/8 bit, FPGA, DSP, SoC

Memory—DDR, EEPROM, Memory cards, FLASH

Analog—Signal conditioning, Precision circuits

Mixed—High speed / High resolution ADC’s and DACs

Displays—Touchscreen, LCD active/passive, E-ink, dot matrix, electroluminescent, LED

Battery / Energy Harvesting—Very low power design, Primary and Rechargeable Batteries, Solar powered, EnOcean

Wireless—WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee, Cellular, RFID, NFC, GPS, TI SimpliciTI, EnOcean

Communication Interfaces—USB, Ethernet, CANbus, RS232/422/485, SPI, I2C, one wire

Power Electronics—Battery charging, AC/DC and DC/DC supplies, Photovoltaic, drives, current sources

Optoelectronics—Laser / IR Diodes, Photodiodes / Photomultipliers, Camera, LED backlighting / cluster, Photo relays, Photocoupler

PCB Layout

Technologies—Rigid, Flex, Mixed

Experience—High Density, BGA, High voltage, High current, High speed, RF, Low noise, EMC/EMI, Thermal management

Mechanical—3D modelling, DFT / DFM, Width / Creepage analyses, Thermal management

Standards—IPC622 / 2221A, UL796, MIL Spec (461, 810, …), IEC610000 Series, RoHS

Tools—Altium Designer, OrCAD/Allegro

FPGA Design

Xilinx—7-Series, ZYNQ
SoC—Microsemi SmartFusion2
Complete Design Flow—RTL Design, HDL Code (VHDL / Verilog), Qsys, synthesis, routing and timing closure
Simulation/Verification—ModelSim, TestBench HDL, self-test vector files, UVM Methodology
Applications—Video, Audio, DSP, Communication. High speed data acquisition, Software defined radio
Custom—Core/IP Design

Prototyping / Assembly

Board Level—Hand assembly (microscope / hot air tools), Rework, Test, Verification

Control Panels / Electromechanical—Purchasing, Machining, Assembly, Wiring, Test, FAT

Cables—Circular and High Density connectors, Assembly, Test

Troubleshooting—Hardware debugging using full suite of tools

Reverse Engineering—Schematics and Parts Lists of Boards and Module assemblies

Firmware / Software

Embedded Applications—Real Time Control, User Interfaces, Communication Protocols, Datalogging, Algorithms, Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU)/Bootloader, Low Power Operation, IoT, Single Board Computer (SBC) apps.

Embedded Development—Using C, C++ with or without RTOS, Bare metal (no OS), Embedded Linux, RTOSs (Keil / CMX / FreeRTOS)

Communication Protocols—Modbus, BACnet, IP/TCP, Custom

PC and Mobile Applications—GUI, Database/SQL, IoT, Peripheral Interfaces, and Communications

Web Applications—ASP.NET, Silverlight, Javascript, LUA

IoT Development—Edge Devices, Dashboards, Gateways

AI Development—Acquiring training data, select machine learning algorithms to build models based on representative data, train and test the model, implement AI models in device

System Integration

Electrical Design—Distribution / Circuit Protection, Motors and Drives, Control

Prototyping—Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Instrumentation—Sensors, Actuators, Cabling,

Automatic Test Equipment—Unit / Board Level, Functional Test, Programming / Configuration

Process Control—SCADA, Control Loops / PID, actuators / sensors, MCC interface, Safety

Machine Control—PLC / HMI, Motor Control (brushless, DC, servo, AC induction, VFD), Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Safety

Networking—EthernetIP, ProfiBus, DeviceNet, CANbus, Modbus, Database Interface, Integration with IT Systems

Industrial Design

Design—3D Models, Assembly Drawings, Detailed Mechanical Drawings
Material—Design for injection moulding, extrusion, forming, thermoforming, machining, stamping.
Prototyping—3d Printing, SMS,