Some of Our Recent Work

We are proud of the quality and range of projects we’ve completed for our clients. Some representative projects of the hundreds we’ve worked on are shown below

Health and Safety

Military Wearable Device and Database

High volume product. This small, robust, IP67 wearable device records high accelerations and pressures experience by personnel due to blasts. The devices can be configured and automatically download data to a database. The device includes, battery, USB and wireless battery charger, Apollo controller (ARM processor with BLE wireless), ePaper display, PDM microphone and pushbutton. The Database is laptop based and includes BLE interface, graphical user interface and database. DEI developed the plastic case, the hardware, and the firmware. The product is manufacture by our client’s CM.

BACnet IoT

BACnet IoT

Added IoT to a controller, which in conjunction with gas detectors provides automatic control to help maintain an acceptable environment in parking garages or other applications. DEI configured a COTS SBC as a gateway. The interface to the controller is BACnet and the cloud interface Ethernet, WiFi or Cellular. We used an open-source IoT platform and provided a basic dashboard with installation name, map (location), Alarm / Warning / Trouble status, etc. Email and SMS reporting (configured through the Dashboard) were included.


All-In-One Mining Datalogger

The All-In-One is a multi-input, multi-communication, multi-power source monitor and datalogging instrument. It is suitable installing in a 2” drill holes. It includes wireless comms (Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.2, LTE (LTE–CAT M1/NB1), wired (RS-485, USB (CDC), Ethernet with PoE) and is a low power design internal Battery, Battery charger, DC power input, PoE.

Secure Wireless

ASIC Demonstration Board

Winner of an Innovation Award at the TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo for their Secure Wireless IoT Chipset for Smart Building and Smart City Applications. DEI Engineering designed and built the small demonstration Intelligent Sensing Board with: ASIC (Multiple Antenna Capacity, 5G equivalent, global, terrestrial and aerospace communications applications), BHI260AP - Self-learning AI smart sensor with integrated accelerometer and gyroscope, BMP390 - Digital pressure sensor, BMM150 - Geomagnetic sensor, BME688 - Digital low power gas, pressure, temperature & humidity sensor with AI, LTE 4G/5G, WiFi, and SD Card.


Power Conversion Controller

DEI worked with a major North American utility on a modular, turnkey power system that capitalizes on battery storage, power electronics and the lowering cost of renewables. DEI’s work included the design of control boards for Grid Synchronization, DC/AC Inverters, Solar Converter, Arc Fault Detection, Battery Management System, and Auxiliary Power. The designs include FPGA, ARM and DSP processors, high voltage signal conditioning and control circuits, data acquisition, and communications. DEI also consulted on the enclosure design.

Counter Surveillance

Camera Lens Detector Light Source

First shown an MILIPOL 2023, this is a small, innovative, mid volume, battery powered counter surveillance binocular attachment product. It has 3D printed plastic housing with rigid-flex PBC and includes a low cost microcontroller, signal cell lithium ion battery and charger, programmable LED arrays. DEI Engineering was responsible for concept/analysis, design, programming, prototyping and production.


Active Shaft Grounding

DEI worked on an upgrade to the main control PCB for this system that actively grounds the shaft to the hull through a slip ring brush assembly. The system measures the shaft to hull potential through one slip ring assembly, and then uses this signal, after amplification, to control a high current power supply which draws a current out of the shaft through a second slip ring assembly and to virtually eliminate the extremely low frequency electromagnetic (ELFE) signature.

Production Test

Data Acquisition Module Automotive Test

This mid volume product performs digital signal processing and signature analysis to offer in-depth insight into the performance, reliability, and repeatability for automotive production test applications. It is FPGA based and has dual channel 125 MSps inputs with 600 V isolation. It has full range of scope type feature and DSP processing options such a FIR filter.


Pipeline Cathodic Protection Controls

Impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) is an electrochemical process used to prevent corrosion in metal structures. DEI Engineering has designed two Control Boards and their respective housings for a new product. This included ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller, OLED display, membrane with joystick, isolated analog and digital I/O, Ethernet, RS-485, USB, SD card, customize OTS plastic housings.


Smart City Annunciator

This mid-volume bollard type family of products is used at automated bus routes stops or similar applications, to inform people by audible and visual signalling, and speech. The Annunciators are linked by wireless to a central controller. The product includes: STM32L476VET6 (ARM Cortex M4), 900 MHz wireless (Digi XBee SX 900 MHz RF module), GPS, BLE Beacon, microphone, speaker, voice codec, USB. DEI developed the hardware and firmware.


Digital Vacuum Gauge

Developed this award-winning, low cost mid-volume handheld, battery powered device with e-paper display used by technicians in the air conditioning / refrigeration industry.


Underground Mine Wireless Communiciations

Hardware and firmware development of leaky feeder communication system head end. The design included: NXP LPC11E6x 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller, Advanced multi-channel single chip UHF transceiver, High Linearity Programmable LNA Gain Block, High Linearity Amplifier, Broadband SPDT Switch, Temperature compensation, RMS Detection, and RS-232 Communication (custom protocol).


Special Application UAV

Reviewed the electrical and mechanical documentation package for accuracy and manufacturability, revised parts list / drawings, manufactured and tested a fully autonomous, high velocity drone based on Nvidia Jetson processor and using a Zoon LoRa module for telemetry.


Premier Thermostat

Premier 7-Day or 5-2 Day programmable thermostat design. Cost reduction, new display, replacement micro, innovative minimal I/O design, ported code, prototyped, factor support for production test.


All-In-One Mining Datalogger

The All-In-One is a multi-input, multi-communication, multi-power source monitor and datalogging instrument. It is suitable installing in a 2” drill holes. It includes wireless comms (Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.2, LTE (LTE–CAT M1/NB1), wired (RS-485, USB (CDC), Ethernet with PoE) and is a low power design internal Battery, Battery charger, DC power input, PoE.


Perimeter Security Product — FPGA Board

This next generation buried line sensor provides one-meter target detection for the most demanding sites in the world. DEI designed, prototyped, and supplied a drop-in replacement for an FPGA (Efinix Trion T85F324I4) Board due to FPGA supply problems. Component availability was a key requirement.


400 Hz and 28/270 Vdc Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Developed two next generation DSP and FPGA based control boards for 400Hz and 28/270V GSE with high power active rectifiers, inverter control and buck converter controls. DEI responsibilities included specifications, hardware design, firmware development, and test fixtures.


High Voltage Utility Cable Tester

Designed and manufactured this rugged, portable instrument that is used to predict the life of buried utility electric cables. It generates a high voltage (-3,000 V) pulse and acquires the response. The signal processing is done on a laptop (USB or cellular connection).