What We Know


Industrial Design

Design—3D Models, Assembly Drawings, Detailed Mechanical Drawings
Material—Design for injection moulding, extrusion, forming, thermoforming, machining, stamping.
Prototyping—3d Printing, SMS,

Hardware Design

Digital—Processors 32/16/8 bit, FPGA, DSP, SoC

Memory—DDR, EEPROM, Memory cards, FLASH

Analog—Signal conditioning, Precision circuits

Mixed—High speed / High resolution ADC’s and DACs

Displays—Touchscreen, LCD active/passive, E-ink, dot matrix, electroluminescent, LED

Battery / Energy Harvesting—Very low power design, Primary and Rechargeable Batteries, Solar powered, EnOcean

Wireless—WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, ZigBee, Cellular, RFID, NFC, GPS, TI SimpliciTI, EnOcean

Communication Interfaces—USB, Ethernet, CANbus, RS232/422/485, SPI, I2C, one wire

Power Electronics—Battery charging, AC/DC and DC/DC supplies, Photovoltaic, drives, current sources

Optoelectronics—Laser / IR Diodes, Photodiodes / Photomultipliers, Camera, LED backlighting / cluster, Photo relays, Photocoupler

PCB Layout

Technologies—Rigid, Flex, Mixed

Experience—High Density, BGA, High voltage, High current, High speed, RF, Low noise, EMC/EMI, Thermal management

Mechanical—3D modelling, DFT / DFM, Width / Creepage analyses, Thermal management

Standards—IPC622 / 2221A, UL796, MIL Spec (461, 810, …), IEC610000 Series, RoHS

Tools—Altium Designer, OrCAD/Allegro

FPGA Design

Xilinx—7-Series, ZYNQ
SoC—Microsemi SmartFusion2
Complete Design Flow—RTL Design, HDL Code (VHDL / Verilog), Qsys, synthesis, routing and timing closure
Simulation/Verification—ModelSim, TestBench HDL, self-test vector files, UVM Methodology
Applications—Video, Audio, DSP, Communication. High speed data acquisition, Software defined radio
Custom—Core/IP Design

Prototyping / Assembly

Board Level—Hand assembly (microscope / hot air tools), Rework, Test, Verification

Control Panels / Electromechanical—Purchasing, Machining, Assembly, Wiring, Test, FAT

Cables—Circular and High Density connectors, Assembly, Test

Troubleshooting—Hardware debugging using full suite of tools

Reverse Engineering—Schematics and Parts Lists of Boards and Module assemblies

Firmware / Software

Embedded Applications—Real Time Control, User Interfaces, Communication Protocols, Datalogging, Algorithms, Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU)/Bootloader, Low Power Operation, IoT, Single Board Computer (SBC) apps.

Embedded Development—Using C, C++ with or without RTOS, Bare metal (no OS), Embedded Linux, RTOSs (Keil / CMX / FreeRTOS)

Communication Protocols—Modbus, BACnet, IP/TCP, Custom

PC and Mobile Applications—GUI, Database/SQL, IoT, Peripheral Interfaces, and Communications

Web Applications—ASP.NET, Silverlight, Javascript, LUA

System Integration

Electrical Design—Distribution / Circuit Protection, Motors and Drives, Control

Prototyping—Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Instrumentation—Sensors, Actuators, Cabling,

Automatic Test Equipment—Unit / Board Level, Functional Test, Programming / Configuration

Process Control—SCADA, Control Loops / PID, actuators / sensors, MCC interface, Safety

Machine Control—PLC / HMI, Motor Control (brushless, DC, servo, AC induction, VFD), Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Safety

Networking—EthernetIP, ProfiBus, DeviceNet, CANbus, Modbus, Database Interface, Integration with IT Systems